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fire department

In case of an emergency please dial 911 

411 Mill Street, Laurens, SC 29360

(864) 984-3312

The Laurens City Fire Department is a combination paid and volunteer department.  The department is staffed by 13 full- time firefighters and  20 part-time firefighters. Personnel are trained in interior structural firefighting, Confined Spaces Rescue, Haz. Mat., Medical First Responder, fire prevention and trench rescue. The Laurens City Fire Department was formed in 1884 and has a class 1 ISO rating.

Bill Hughes.jpeg

Bill Hughes



Tim Robinson.jpeg

Tim Robinson

Assistant Chief


Neil Roberts.jpeg

Neil Roberts

Captain A-Shift


Jeremy Hudson.jpeg

Jeremy Hudson

Captain B-Shift


Ken Holliday.jpeg

Ken Holliday

 Captain C-Shift


Colby Starling.jpeg

Colby Starling

Lieutenant B-Shift


Jeremy Gibbs.jpeg

Jeremy Gibbs

Lieutenant C-Shift


municipal court

Laurens municipal court is located at 250 West Laurens St. in Laurens SC, 29360. The Court building is the old police/fire station located next to the Commission of public works. Our court clerk is available to accept payment of fines during the hours provided. Municipal court is held every Tuesday at 4pm and every Wednesday and Thursday at 9am. Please dress appropriately and silence all electronics.

Appearing in Court

 Click Here for our rules concerning your court appearance.


Please use the 250 West Laurens St. address to pay your fine.


Clerk of Court Hours:

Monday 8am - 1pm

Tuesday to Friday 8am- 5pm


Valerie McDaniel - Clerk of Court

(864) 984-3532



The Laurens Parks and Recreation Department was established in 2005 and is still growing with every program and service offered to the citizens of Laurens and its surrounding areas. 

The residents and youth of our area are provided with a variety of sports programs such as Little League baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, and cheerleading.  Our department also offers an array of activities such as summer day camps, sports camps as well as numerous family-friendly festivals at our amphitheater located near the historic square downtown. Visit the “Parks and facilities” link to get a detailed description of each of our facilities.

We also encourage you to visit our Parks and Recreation website for online registration for all sports, up to date schedules for all of our games, events and rainout information. You can access the site by clicking the link below.

Facility Rentals

 Click Here for more information on our facility rentals.

Baseball Glove

Jason Pridgen

 Executive Director


Andrew McLeod

Sports Coordinator


Bob Gates

Parks and Recreation Manager

Volleyball on Sand

Pam Conway

Concessions Manager



The Ridge at Laurens officially opened to the public in 2016 and is the newest facility in the Parks and Recreation Department. We are proud to call "The Ridge" the new home for our Parks Department. You can now use The Ridge to register for youth sports in person or you can visit the official Parks and Recreation website to register online and to see events and schedules.

The gymnasiums will now be the home courts for our youth basketball and volleyball programs. The public is also invited to join us each week for "Free Basketball" where players of all ages can come and enjoy the courts.

Facility Rentals


In case of an emergency please dial 911 


Police Administration

 201 W.Main Street, Suite B (2nd Floor), Laurens SC, 29360


Police Patrol Office

250 W. Laurens St., Laurens SC, 29360

(864) 984-3532

The Laurens Police Department is a full-service police department that prides itself on its strong partnership with the community. Through the hard work and dedication of the men and women of the police department and the support of our council members and the community, Laurens continues to be a safe community in which to live and work.

Values: The Laurens Police Department focuses its efforts on providing high service levels, which not only meet but also exceed expectations of safety services. The next few years will be a time of significant change in both the city and the police department. Growth in population, new technology, and commercial development create challenges and opportunities alike. We are proud of the contributions that the police department has made to the quality of life that Laurens citizens enjoy. We are excited about the future and look forward to working with all of you to ensure the best for our community.

In Doing So: We protect the rights of all persons. We strive to treat every person with respect, dignity, and compassion. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct. We are committed to personal integrity, common purpose, and support of each other as essential to an effective and productive work environment. We provide leadership in our profession as an example for all law enforcement and to guarantee the best possible services to our citizens



Mr. Kerwin Tribble, Director 


Mr. Robert Cook, Supervisor


Hours of Operation

7am - 4pm Monday - Friday

Office: (864) 984-3621

Cell: (864) 938-5046

Making the City of Laurens clean and beautiful is our mission. We ask our residents to join us in our efforts to make this their mission also.

In an attempt to improve our service, please observe the following trash removal regulations.

The following items must be placed on the street in separate piles to be picked up (No Exceptions). Please do not combine these items.  Unless separated, they will not be picked up.

  • Grass clippings & leaves (please do not put in bags)

  • Limbs (no longer than 6 ft or 6 inches in diameter)

  • Household Garbage (must be in the rolling carts)

  • White Goods (refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, etc...) are picked up on Fridays by appointment only.

  • Construction materials must be removed by the owner.  All contractors must remove all of their materials.



The Streets Department operates on a weekly schedule to pick up debris and trash.  We are sorry that we are unable to respond to individual calls outside our weekly schedule.

Roll carts must be at the curbside the night before your scheduled pick up day and must be pulled back in your yard by 6:00 p.m. the same day. The following items should not be placed in the roll cart for pick up:  dirt, leaves, rocks, construction materials and hot charcoal.



Tommy Burns - Director

Tito Smith - Leadman

The Special Projects Department serves the City of Laurens by providing safe and pleasant outdoor recreational facilities which are state of the art, by maintaining city office buildings and by creating a colorful, welcoming and fun atmosphere for our residents as well as our guests that visit the City of Laurens.   


The Special Projects Department excels at the following:

  • Maintenance and grounds keeping of city ball parks, tennis courts, colorful landscaping and grounds keeping of all city-owned property.

  • Maintaining the “Welcome to Laurens” signs and landscaping around them, keeping the entryways to our city friendly, colorful and welcoming.

  • Maintenance of 14 reservoir ponds located in and around the city established under a grant with the U.S. Soil and Water Conservation.

  • Maintenance of Little River and the river walkways that run through the city.

  • Construction of ball parks, tennis courts, picnic shelters and playgrounds.

  • Construction of any new buildings for the public parks and sports facilities (restrooms, press box, concession stands)

  • Custodial maintenance of public buildings located at the parks, sports facilities and amphitheater.

  • Overseeing any new building construction or remodeling jobs on existing city-owned buildings.



Mr. Jeremy Hudson

Director of Building and Zoning

Mr. Brandon Roberts

Code Enforcement Officer


Hours of operation

8am-4:00 pm Monday - Friday


Office: (864) 984-2613 - Fax: (864) 681-2613

Building Code

The purpose of this code is to provide minimum requirements to safeguard the public safety, health and general welfare, through affordability, structural strength, means of egress facilities, stability, sanitation, light and ventilation, energy conservation and safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment.

Building Official

The building official is hereby authorized and directed to enforce the provision of this code. The building official shall have the authority to render interpretations of this code and to adopt policies and procedures in order to clarify the application of its provisions. Such interpretations, policies and procedures shall be in conformance with the intent and purpose of this code. Such policies and procedures shall not have the effect of waiving requirements specifically provided for in this code.


The building official is authorized to make all of the required inspections, or the building official shall have the authority to accept reports of inspection by approved agencies or individuals. Reports of such inspections shall be in writing and be certified by a responsible officer of such approved agency or by the responsible individual. The building official is authorized to engage such expert opinion as deemed necessary to report upon unusual technical issues that arise, subject to the approval of the appointing authority.

Required Certificate

Certificate of Occupancy, application; inspection fee.

All applicants seeking a certificate of occupancy from the building and zoning administration shall pay unto the city, simultaneously with the submission of an application for a certificate of occupancy, the currently required fee for the first inspection to be conducted by the building and zoning administration. Should it be necessary for a second inspection by the occupancy, the second inspection shall require a fee.

Business License

Every person engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupancy or profession listed in the rate classification index portion of the ordinance, in whole or in part, within the limits of the City of Laurens, South Carolina, is required to pay an annual license fee and obtain a business license.


Any person violating any provision of the ordinance shall be deemed guilty of an offense and shall be subject to a fine of up to $500.00 or imprisonment for not more than 30 days upon conviction. Each day of violation shall be considered a separate offense. Punishment for violation shall not relieve the offender of liability for delinquent penalties and costs provided.

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