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Planning and Development 

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map below is a visual display of all ten Zoning districts and their locations within the City of Laurens. Contact the Planning and Development Department with any Zoning questions that you have via email at or telephone at (864) 984-2613.

Zoning Districts


R-1, Rural residential and agricultural district

The purpose of the R-1 district is to maintain and protect open spaces and natural resources, and to permit agricultural operations in certain areas of the city, together with low-density residential development and support uses.

R-2, Suburban residential district

The purpose of the R-2 district is to foster, preserve and protect areas of the community in which the principal use of land is for detached, single-family dwellings and related support facilities.

R-3, Urban residential district

The purpose of the R-3 district is to accommodate higher-density residential development and a variety of housing types on small lots or in project settings.

RM, Residential manufactured/site-built housing district

The purpose of the RM district is to accommodate manufactured home development in concert with site-built single-family housing and duplexes, or in planned parks or courts. It is further intended to foster manufactured home development as an economic alternative to conventional site-built housing.

RP, Residential-professional district

The purpose of the RP district is to accommodate office, institutional and residential uses in areas whose character is neither exclusively business nor residential in nature. It is designed principally for areas in transition from residential to business, along major streets and for the purpose of ameliorating the consequences of change impacting established residential areas.

B-1, Neighborhood convenience center district

The purpose of the B-1 district is to meet the commercial and service needs generated by nearby residential areas. Goods and services normally available in the B-1 district are of the convenience variety. The size of any such B-1 district should relate to surrounding residential markets and the locations should be at or near major intersections.

B-2, Central business district

The purpose of the B-2 district is to promote the concentration and vitality of commercial and business uses in downtown Laurens. This B-2 district is characterized by wall-to-wall development and pedestrian walkways.

B-3, Highway service center district

The purposes of this B-3 district are to serve the automobile and its passengers, to accommodate change of existing land uses precipitated by economics and major street use, and to provide services and goods outside the central business district. For these reasons, open space, off-street parking and building setbacks are prerequisite to new construction.

B-4, General commercial and distribution district

The purpose of the B-4 district is to provide for the development and maintenance of commercial and distribution facilities requiring relatively large sites and buildings, outdoor storage and display area.

M, Manufacturing district

The purpose of the M district is to accommodate wholesaling, distribution, storage, processing and manufacturing in an environment suited to such uses and operations while promoting land use compatibility both within and beyond the boundaries of such districts. Toward these ends, residential development is not permitted, nor is the establishment of this district on other than a collector or arterial street.

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